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Graphic Designers 'I Love NY' Logo
Graphic Designers 'I Love NY' Logo
This Graphic Designer's 'I Love NY' logo quickly spread across the state via tons of bumper stickers, t-shirts and buttons.

It was a phenomenon of epic proportion. An entire generation can instantly recognize the famous silhouette of a singer with crowns of lightning bolts and rainbow-colored hair.

Record collections dating from the 1960's will sport his designs on their covers. His work, even though millions of people know it, may not be considered to be art.

He'd rather not become involved in a conversation about this topic. He'd rather we just didn't use the word 'art'.

When interviewed in his studio, the artist suggested that the word 'art' be removed from our language and that we refer to everything as work.

Then, when the work is far above normal, we can refer to it as 'great work.

When the work is successful in its intentions, we may say that it is good, and when it fails to hit its mark, it is bad. Simple, right?

You may have heard of a large exhibit he held; it showed the 'Picasso of Design's' means of inspiration.

In the show he utilized red rope to show the attachment of each work to its inspiration. He posted the process drawings and sketches that proceeded the final work as well.

He calls this his procedure. He doesn't have an end point in mind, but rather allows his mind to be free as he finds inspiration.

Many things inspire his work - one began simply with paper wings and a postcard of an angel. A postcard of an angel with some paper wings, for instance, led to a painted variation of the initial theme.

Other odd items used in his work include comic strips. It is making fun of the traditionally pretentious, or stuffy, air of classical music, as it depicts a well-known pianist sneezing.

The artist refers to the world as his visual resource. One poster that he designed for a typewriter company in Italy utilized a famous painting as its theme to convey a distinct message.

This original painting shows a dead master, with a grieving dog at his feet. In the graphic artist's poster, the dog is shown by a bright red typewriter.

This designer was very instrumental in the launch of a prestigious studio in New York that helped to bring graphic design to a higher, more appreciated, level.

He helped to found a magazine for a major city, revolutionizing city magazines across the country. One well-known trade center sports the designs he created for the observation deck and the restaurants housed there; it even has a permanent exhibition.

The international AIDS symbol and poster are his work, as is the design of a supermarket chain. He was always intent on finding out how far he could push boundaries, and says he's always had a wide variety of interests.

The iconic poster mentioned earlier of the rainbow-hair singer has been reprinted in over six million copies.

The singer's hair is quite colorful in the poster, and is in keeping with an iconic profile made by another notable artist According to the artist, the majority of people think he must have been on drugs when he created this work.

The artist has denied taking drugs. Adults can enjoy his work when visiting a playground he created just for them; he also made a children's play area.Article Source:  a person looking for graphic design outsourcing you should visit that site. Learn more on the topic of outsource design.
Agate a beautiful pure gemstone
Agate a beautiful pure gemstone.
Agate will be the most wonderful pure gemstone and contains recently been shaped around 1, 000? ersus connected with many years coming from mineral deposits in the ground and it's a sensational semi-precious gemstone that can be found in numerous hues and is also utilised in the particular planning connected with unconventional diamond for countless years.

The particular pure gemstone connected with Agate arises with cavities in the rock and roll that were type coming from erupting volcanoes. Agates are usually shaped with artists that will mimic the particular group growths you would discover in a pine and so are shaped with an array of breathtaking pure hues rendering it a perfect gemstone make use of with diamond doing. The particular Agate gemstones are manufactured any time gasoline bubbles from inside the cooling down lava matches salted mineral water. The particular gasoline bubbles blended with the particular sodium mineral water any time combined turn into the gel. The particular sat in the mineral water after that assaults the particular metal that's in the lava and also this is just what after that yields the particular breathtaking artists from the gemstone. The particular artists are usually wonderful and also at times deposits are usually shaped at the center from the rock and roll supplying ideas to be able to diamond developer to build unconventional diamond out of this pure gemstone.

Because most of these breathtaking Agate gemstones are manufactured by nature simply no a pair of gemstones are the very same each and every and also everyone is distinctive and also first doing all of them actually breathtaking. Agates appear in many hues in its abrasive express and also can be be extremely boring therefore it needs a great deal of polishing to bring available all its natural splendor. If your Agate have been polishes and also cut it can be utilized to generate unconventional diamond models with earrings, bracelet, pendants and also necklaces. A number of the Agates are actually colored to present people much more hues to build most of these diamond pieces.

Agate come in many sites worldwide nevertheless the principal nations around the world until this pure gemstone will be mined are usually Indian, South america, The far east, Quarterly report, Brand new Zealand, Russia as well as Madagascar where the breathtaking Madagascar Agate comes from. Language of ancient greece ledged shows people until this pure gemstone seemed to be seen in the particular pond Achates which in turn with the modern world is called the particular Drillo pond which in turn is found in Sicily. There was proof that will gemstone get older men connected with around 15, 000 years ago used Agate in there methods and also items. Today they have got located completely new resources with Croatia and also the us. It's be a little more common from the diamond company because breathtaking hues knowning that the purchase price will be cheaper as compared to other semi-precious gemstones and also simply because each and every item is unique this means that will unconventional diamond models are usually achieved having each and every item used.

Because Agate can be a pure gemstone the particular hues can differ drastically having each and every gemstone and this will be all with regards to the submission from the minerals within just each and every group. The particular minerals in the gemstone are usually what exactly decide the particular pure hues. Mineral deposits that will contribute to the particular coloring are usually: metal oxides which in turn make bright reds, browns, black color and also hues connected with natural, magnesium will deliver people pinks, violets and also yet again black color, chromium making breathtaking hues connected with natural, orange and also crimson, titanium yields the heavy blue, cobalt will deliver utilize reds and also purples, nickel allows people natural, and also copper yields crimson, blue and also remarkable hues connected with natural.

It's simply no speculate that will diamond makers are usually encouraged through this kind of breathtaking hues to make unconventional diamond that's appreciated through some women worldwide. All of the significant trend households get models that include Agate within their libraries. It is usually changed to drops to be able to end up being put up directly into diamond pendants or even finished cabochons to make homemade earrings. Bracelet are usually designed coming from sections of this wonderful pure gemstone after which it remarkably finished. I've possibly discover designer watches that contain used items of Agate since the deal with. The probabilities pertaining to making unconventional diamond out of this remarkable gemstone are usually countless.
Discover the on-trend designs of women's Miss Me jeans. Shop a variety of women's Miss Me jeans including Miss Me skinny jeans....


  • Low rise zip fly stretch jean
  • Slim through the hip and thigh
  • 18" bottom opening
  • Rhinestones and sequins on embroidered back pockets
  • Hand sanding and whiskering details
  • Miss Me label on back

Fabric & Care

  • 73% Cotton, 25% Polyester, 2% Elastane.
  • Machine wash separately in cold water inside out. Do not bleach. Tumble dry low. Remove promptly. Warm iron if needed.
  • Made in China


You’ve heard of cankles, right? That’s where you have heavy calves and thick ankles that - -instead of tapering in at the ankles – seem to be one continuous, heavy leg.

Women who have thick ankles find that it's not an easy body flaw to disguise, but it's not impossible.

Things like fluid retention and weight gain as we age contribute to the appearance of cankles. Although weight loss, exercise and even plastic surgery can reduce cankles, there are ways to camouflage their appearance while you are in the process of losing them permanently.

Here’s how to dress for cankles:

Wear pants. Do opt for pants whenever possible and make sure they aren’t tapered (leggings and skinny jeans are difficult to pull off with cankles.) A pant that falls in a straight line from the hip (not too fitted, not too wide) is the most flattering. A slight bootcut jean is a good choice for women who have wider hips: it balances out the proportions.

Skip cropped pants. Avoid cropped pants that end at the ankle; it’s a difficult look to pull off with cankles because it highlights the problem area.  Capris and Bermuda shorts can work if they end at or right below the knee.The idea is to have the hem of shorts end at the smallest/thinnest part of your leg (which is often the knee area.)

Love some tall boots! Tall boots were made for women with cankles. If you want to look long and lean, opt for leggings or slim jeans with a tunic, tucked in to tall boots. Many stores – like - -have boots made especially for wide calves if traditional boots don’t work. Avoid booties which will draw attention to heavy cankles.

Find the narrowest part of your leg. Skirts and dresses should have a hemline that ends at the narrowest part of your leg; for most women that’s in the knee area (either right above or below the knee.) Avoid ruffled or embellished hems that draw the eye downward. A tapered skirt -- such as a fitted pencil skirt -- can accent your curves and draw the eye up away from the bottom part of your leg. Just make sure the skirt hem ends at the slimmest part of the leg.

Go monochromatic. Skirts and dresses look sleekest with legwear (hose or tights) in the same color as the shoe. Even sleeker? A skirt/dress in the same color as the legwear and shoe. Why do you think all black is such a popular option? It's impossible not to look longer and leaner in all black.

Avoid ankle straps. Skip shoes that have lacing or straps that go around the ankle and opt for looks with no emphasis on the ankle area.

Get high heels. The most flattering shoes have a heel or wedge that elongate the foot and gives your leg a slimmer look. Look for substantial heels -- as opposed to spike or stilettos.

Go chunky. Chunky-heeled shoes are especially flattering because they balance out heavy cankles.

Focus on top. One of the easiest fashion tricks: distraction. Draw the eye up with bold jewelry, striking prints, eye-catching colors or an alluring neckline. Keep all of the focus on your face -- impeccable makeup -- and hair to keep the eye from traveling down to problem areas.

Decorate it. Of course, there’s always the fashion theory that says “If you can’t hide it, decorate it.” Wear an ankle bracelet or tattoo your cankles and show them off with pride.
Channel your inner Brigitte Bardot this fall and top off your look with a floppy felt hat. It’s officially the time of year that layering is a must and we all look for chic ways to keep warm. Toasty as the gear may be, you don’t want to spend the next few months feeling as though you’re suiting up for a ski trip rather than going to work or out to dinner!

As much as we love beanies (and they are definitely a mainstay to stock up on this winter!), ‘tis the season to step out of your comfort zone a bit and try this fall trend when you prepare to dress for the cold. With floppy hats, opt for fall hues, but don’t always stick to basic black. Deep burgundy, navy, and camel are all great ways to bring a pop of color into your wardrobe without going overboard.

Beloved by designers like Yves Saint Laurent, this refined bohemian accessory is a great way to have fun with fashion while remaining classic and understated. As inspired to try a floppy felt hat as we are? Here are 19 styles you can shop right now.

What is your favorite hat style to keep you warm as the temperature drops? Let us know below!
Is the cold weather bringing you down? Already bored with everything you have in your closet? We have just the thing to inject some new life into your wardrobe (and mood!) with just the click of your heels. Two words: whimsical shoes!

Nearly everyone is hopping on the emoji bandwagon (and we are definitely not complaining!), but whimsical designs on flats are certainly nothing new. Personally, they will always remind me of my childhood, slipping on my mother’s endless collection of Stubbs & Wootton smoking slippers, waiting for the day that they would fit my adolescent feet. Though that day has come and gone, I have recently rediscovered my old favorite flats trend, as designers are creating the most awesome whimsical flats in every style and color of the rainbow.
With words, letters, and icons, nothing is off-limits for this preppy, fun flats trend. These Jonathan Saunders sneakers that Sophia spotted on Tuesday are definitely on my wish list. Can’t wait to slip your feet into some awesome, whimsical flats? Shop the below favorites to instantly lift your mood!

Yes, she's an Oscar winning actress. And a successful Hollywood producer (thank her for Gone Girl). And she brought pink-loving, undercover scholar Elle Woods and the sweater vest sporting Tracy Flick into our lives. But right now, I want to talk about Reese Witherspoon and her STELLAR sartorial game. The multi-hyphenate has been absolutely killing it in designer dresses at fancy CFDA/Vogue affairs and movie premieres. Reese wears color with aplomb, the prettiest prints and loves a wide-brimmed hat—and you know what? They ALWAYS work. So, for her 24-7 wardrobe skills, Reese Witherspoon is our Glamour Style Icon of the Week. And so, here are the 8 style lessons every woman can learn from Reese:

1. Don't Underestimate The Power of The Bombshell Dress: Reese honored Matthew McConaughey at the American Cinematheque Awards and looked Old Hollywood glam in the process—thanks to her floral-paneled curve-hugging gown by Prabal Gurung, glam Veronica Lake waves, and a perfect red lip.

2. Neatness Counts: For a visit to her local beauty salon, Reese looked flawless in a white collared navy lace embroidered sweater matched with an A-line skirt and teal Manolo Blahnik pumps. Neat, put-together and just about perfect (but not stuffy!).

3. Embrace A Pretty Print: For the CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund luncheon at the Chateau Marmont, Reese chose a pretty frock designed by Oscar de la Renta, who had just passed. It was a sweet way to honor him without words—the designer served as a CFDA president twice.

4. Jeans Can Be Totally Flirty and Feminine: For another errand run, Reese kept it casual, but elegant in a floral Tory Burch sweater, skinny jeans, those Manolos, and a Lanvin bowling bags.

5. Surprise 'Em Every Now And Again With a Sexy Look: Hello. For the London premiere of her film, The Wild, Reese stunned in a Stella McCartney gown with contrasting lace, sheer, and animal-print paneling. Because this look is out of her sartorial style box it's equally refreshing and she doesn't need to bare all that much skin to look completely, well, hot.

5. Find The Ideal Dress Silhouette for You: While Reese rocks a pencil or tulip skirt wonderfully, the A-line is her best silhouette. And she rocks it time and again. Case in point: this printed fit-and-flare Tanya Taylor dress, Gianvito Rossi heels, and her trusty plush Lanvin bowler is ideal for a daytime shopping outing.

6. Rock The Power Dress: Remember the time Reese showed us how to wear a little lace dress in the fall? Although we'd wear this red and black embroidered look by Dolce & Gabbana any time of the year. It's bold, feminine, but still authoritative.

7. Have a Go-To Travel Look: Then, of course, her chicer-than-chic (but so easy) airport outfit: a blazer layered over a soft gray sweater with skinny jeans and sexy stiletto pumps (because why not?). And a pretty solid argument for jumping on the wide brimmed hat trend this season. It's not impossible to travel in style…you just need to be prepared.

What do you think of Reese' style? Do you find these rules helpful?